Peter Taylor

Peter was born and educated in the United Kingdom. After graduating from the Camborne School of Mines with an honours degree in Mining Engineering he took his first industrial role in South Africa working in Kimberley for the renowned diamond miners, De Beers. This was the beginning of a life long love of Africa and all things African for Peter.

From South Africa his career over the next ten years took him into Malaysia, Thailand and back into Europe. During these years as his seniority and experience grew he came to understand the importance of marrying the needs of communities, ecologies and environments with the extractive industries.  

During the next ten years Peter held senior management roles in the aviation industry and undertook an MBA at Cranfield University with the explicit aim of returning to the mining industry with a greater understanding of and skill in management and modern business techniques. He achieved this taking up the role of Chief Operating Officer with Afferro Mining, an exploration company with interests predominantly in West Africa.  In this role Peter worked closely with government and the local people to achieve the objectives of the business, the environment and the communities. Afferro was successfully sold in December of last year.

Peter believes that mining can often be seen as brutal and harsh, taking from the earth what man requires for fuel, industrial progress or simply aesthetics. In common with many in the profession, Peter knows that carried out correctly mining adds to the success of communities not only in terms of employment and wealth but purpose, continuity and longevity. That conducted with integrity, ethics, forward planning and best practice mining can add to rather than detract from the environment.

It is this vision and ethos that Peter will bring to Mammoth Mining from the extraction of the tusks to the trading of the ivory and critically to the conservation work with the elephants.